Apple will make you anonymous online: This is how Private Relay works

Apple will make you anonymous online: This is how Private Relay works

During the iOS 15 presentation, Apple also unveiled the new Private Relay. This will allow you to surf the internet anonymously because your online activities will be encrypted. We explain how it works.

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How does Apple’s private migration work

During the unveiling of iOS 15, Apple announced its plans for iCloud. The storage service will be known as iCloud Plus later this year. The improvements mainly focus on protecting your privacy.

One interesting feature is Private Relay. If you use Apple’s Safari browser, your internet traffic will be encrypted and redirected through so-called proxy servers. As a result, others cannot know which websites you visit. Your IP address (the “home address” of your Internet connection), browsing history, and exact location will remain private.

Why does Apple think this is so important? With an unencrypted connection, companies can see exactly what they intend to do online. Many websites have codes, called “pixels,” that indicate your presence. For example, marketers create a profile to serve you personalized ads. Private Relay automatically blocks these pixels, making them more difficult to work with.

Earlier this year, Apple already issued an infamous tracking warning. Apps now have to ask for permission if they want to track you online in order to display targeted ads. With Private Relay, the company communicates the same way, but in the browser.

Private relay is not a VPN (full)

Although Apple hasn’t mentioned the word VPN, many people compare Private Relay to such a VPN. This is only partially true. A VPN anonymizes all your internet traffic. Your Relay doesn’t do that. It only works if you are using Safari. When you browse the web in another browser, only your activity is visible. In addition, your IP address and Internet traffic are not hidden when you are in an application.

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According to Apple, users of Private Relay cannot hide their geolocation. This means, for example, that it is impossible to cheat Netflix. Some people use a VPN to pretend they live in the United States. Netflix offers a larger selection of movies and series out there. With Private Relay, companies can’t see your exact location, but which city you live in. So you can write those extra movies and series on your stomach.

More about the new Apple program

In addition to the iPhone 13, Apple will release several new software versions this fall. iOS 15 is of course the most important one and it is available for all iPhones running iOS 14 now. This update lets you FaceTime with Android users, improve your notification shade, and help you focus on what really matters. We have listed the most important new features of iOS 15.

Thanks to iPadOS 15, iPad fans can start using improved widgets, among other things. macOS Monterey (12) allows photos to be streamed from your iPhone to your Mac via AirPlay. On the Apple Watch, health is even more prominent with watchOS 8. New is the Mindfulness app that helps you breathe calmly.

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