Apple Tablet: iPad Pro should also get M2

Now that Apple has installed the same M1 in the iPad Air, the respectable distance to the iPad Pro will be back again in the fall. The M2 processor, which has not yet been announced, is said to be loud Bloomberg Plus other innovations between September and November in the next generation iPad Pro.

Mark Gorman reports on changes to the iPad Pro Bloomberg In her weekly newsletter, it’s all about Apple. M2 as the first second-generation Apple Silicon processor so far anticipated for the MacBook Air, Mac mini, MacBook Pro 13, and 24-inch iMac. However, the iPad Pro is also set to switch to that chip this year, Gorman explains.

The M2 is said to be based on the A15 Bionic CPU

The various specifications of the M2 have already been discussed many times. In all likelihood, the chip will be based on the Avalanche and Blizzard cores in the A15 Bionic, but it will offer more performance cores and a GPU boosted by at least nine cores. The M1 family still uses the Firestorm and Snowstorm cores in the A14 Bionic, but with a higher clock and also a more powerful GPU. The following M2 configurations are currently in the room.

  • M2: 8 CPU and 9 or 10 GPU cores
  • M2 Pro: 12 CPU cores and 16 GPU cores
  • M2 Max: 12 CPU cores and 32 GPU cores
  • M2 Ultra: 24 CPU cores and 48 or 64 GPU cores
  • M2 Extreme 48 and 96 or 128 GPU cores

The back of the tablet was planned to be made of glass

In addition to the faster processor, there is speculation about the new design and loading tweaks. According to Apple’s original plans, the next generation iPad Pro should have a glass back, but the company rejected that plan and opted instead for a traditional aluminum back. Only the Apple logo should still be made of glass.

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MagSafe for iPad Pro

After the iPhone and the return of the MacBook Pro, MagSafe should also find its way to the iPad Pro. However, there are no known details yet on whether Apple will install a side-contact charging system like on the MacBook Pro or with a charging coil and “puck” on the back for charging like on the iPhone.

48 MP for iPhone 14 Pro

Speaking of the iPhone: after the recent renderings of the iPhone 14 Pro, which also showed a larger camera, the depth of the new build was indicated by the 48-megapixel sensor of the main camera, diagonally According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo It is 25 to 35 percent larger, while seven-lens optics should build 5 to 10 percent higher. Rumors about the 48MP sensor aren’t new; It is also said that 8K videos were recorded, which requires 33 megapixels.

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