Apple is trying to keep its talent with big rewards

Apple is trying to keep its talent with big rewards

Apple offers some of its employees huge bonuses to prevent them from leaving for other companies.

For business, especially when you are the size of an Apple, Human capital is critical. The talent that makes up the company’s teams is what determines their future, the products and services they will develop, and the experience they will provide to their clients. In the end, no matter how good the brand is, if there is no strong team behind building this future, it is worthless.

Specifically, the talent that Apple considers the best. The company has a good reputation as One of the best workplaces. However, it is the fact that they have the best talent that now drives them to be more careful than ever to retain it. Namely, companies like Meta strive to take in the best minds of Apple.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is doing everything it can to prevent its talent from going to other companies. Therefore, they provide Equity Bonuses of up to $180,000 for your Engineers, which according to the publication itself is quite unusual. All of this is subject to a contract that allows them to access their rewards gradually over the next four years, assuming they never leave Apple.

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For now, it seems that this won’t stop other companies from continuing to try to acquire the talent that exists at Apple, in the same way that Apple does with its competitors. But now that they are on the cusp of entering new product lines, getting the best on the team is especially critical. And that’s the Cupertino company It works on virtual and augmented reality technology It helps a lot to understand why parent company Meta to Oculus is now so interested in recruiting its engineers.

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