Apple hires two ex-Mercedes engineers

Apple hires two ex-Mercedes engineers

Two senior Mercedes engineers have just joined Apple in the context of rumors about the company’s emergence as more and more self-driving cars.

Continued apple insider, an engineer invited by Apple is Dr. Anton Oselmann. He has worked on mass production, dynamics, driving and project management projects for Mercedes cars. Osselmann will serve as a Product Design Engineer at Apple. The second person has not been identified, but it is also believed that he worked at Mercedes.

Dr. Anton Osselmann has just joined Apple.

Earlier, Apple also appointed Dr. Manfred Harrer, the former Vice President of Porsche Chaisher development; Or Ulrich Kranz, the former CEO of BMW. Kranz is the person leading the development of the BMW i3 that is of particular interest to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

in july, Reuters Citing a source close to the company, Apple is selecting a battery supplier for the Apple Car project. Both CATL and BYD are on the negotiating list, but Apple wants to use US-made batteries. Apple has already begun to turn its attention to Foxconn and Likai Power, which are preparing to open factories in the United States. This step shows that the company’s auto production plan has reached the supply chain stage.

While, Nikki Apple is in talks with at least six companies to build a complete vehicle. Compared to making iPhones once a year, the company is making a long journey in the four-wheeler segment. According to Guo Mingchi, an analyst who often has accurate predictions about Apple, the car with the missing Apple logo will be released in 2025 at the earliest.

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