Apple has secretly begun producing new chips

Apple has secretly begun producing new chips

It should be noted at the outset that Apple has not yet confirmed its work on the new chips. But this is not surprising, because the American computer giant never publishes any information about new products before their official release.

Additionally, new chips have been speculated from Apple for several months. Now, according to Nikkei Asia’s server, they are heading to production. Apple currently offers only one type of the M1 chip, and there are many new models out there that are supposed to offer higher performance.

The current version of the Apple M1 has eight processor cores (CPUs), but according to Bloomberg, the company is working on a more powerful variant, which will have 12 CPU cores. It was this model that was claimed to have gone into production.

It should be noted that Apple also has plans for 16-core and 32-core chips. With more cores, the processors will be able to offer significantly higher performance.

Nothing else to come

Apple is not hiding the fact that it will gradually replace Intel processors in all presented models with its own chipset from the Apple Silicon series. So nothing else is expected in the future.

However, for this ambitious plan to succeed, it is imperative that software developers prepare enough software. The new Apple M1 chip is based on a different architecture from Intel processors. These are processors based on the ARM architecture, which is currently used mainly in mobile phones and tablets instead of computers.

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