Apple event: Changes to Fitness + training with Apple Watch

Apple event: Changes to Fitness + training with Apple Watch
Fitness+ will reach 15 countries, including Colombia and Spain. stock struggle

On September 14, the “Apple, California Streaming Event” was held in the United States, an event at which the company, founded by Steve Jobs, presented many of its new products in both hardware and video services.

Thus, Tim Cook began an announcement New Standard iPad, Updated iPad Mini, two devices that today’s most committed Apple experts couldn’t have predicted. In the first case, it was reported that the self-made A13 Bionic will have a chip, as well as a 12-megapixel front camera, the inclusion of widgets and an improved multitasking function.

For its part, the iPad Mini will arrive with software and hardware changes, the most famous of which is 40% and 80% increase in CPU and GPU performance respectivelyIt also includes a 12MP front camera with a wide-angle lens and the option to charge 10 times faster than its old version.

Now, Apple has not only changed its family of devices, but also its live workout streaming service, Fitness +.

According to the company’s proposal, this audiovisual product will include the inclusion of new forms of physical activity, such asPilates (workouts that focus on the middle part of the body) and exercises for you to ski during the snow season, especially in the United States. For this latest project, they enlisted the services of Ted Ligety, a double Olympic gold medalist and five-time world champion in the sport.

Similarly, the function walking time, People will have the opportunity to adjust their walking times with the help of the Apple Watch Series 7, while listening to their favorite artists on AirPods.

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Also, a new multi-device option has been added, by which You can pause any training session, for example, on the iPhone and resume it on the iPad or Apple Watch.

Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Regarding its worldwide availability, Apple stated that Fitness+ will now move from 6 to 21 countries, among which There is Colombia and Spain. Although the exact date when the service will reach these new markets is still unknown, it is known that The videos will be shown in their original language (English) and will be accompanied by subtitles, according to the native language of each new country listed.

Finally, it was noted that the great update to this new version is the inclusion of Group Training, a functionality that will be coordinated directly with SharePlay, in order to share a training with your family or friends, no matter where you are in the world. They are.

With this new option, you can enjoy your favorite sessions using your iPad, Apple TV or iPhone.

Group Workouts, powered by SharePlay, lets you and up to 32 of your favorite people work out together. Cheer up or talk face to face. See when someone closes an activity ring. And during HIIT, treadmill, cycling, and rowing workouts, you’ll get a notification when someone What’s ahead of the rest on the combustion bar.”

At the moment, the cost at which the service will reach Latin America is unknown, but users can be guided by the prices reported in the US: $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

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This way, users can enjoy a full training session, which can range from 5 to 45 minutes, to strengthen the body and mind every day.

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