Apple Counters Presents Epic Games In Fracas’ Latest ‘Fortnight’ Scene – Deadline

Apple Counters Presents Epic Games In Fracas' Latest 'Fortnight' Scene - Deadline

Apple objected on Tuesday It is an electronic game Epic Games, in federal court in California, is the latest move in a controversial corporate battle over the popular video game uber.

The subject of dispute is the 30% of the revenue that Apple and Google earn from all downloads in their app stores. Epic has integrated a feature that enables users to pay directly through its apps; As a result, Apple last month banned Fortnite from its Apple Store, saying that the direct payment feature was “not reviewed or approved by Apple” and that Epic had “an explicit intent to violate the App Store guidelines.” Soon, Google followed suit by removing it from the Google Play Store serving Android devices.

Epic then sued the two, citing the web giants’ “series of anti-competition restrictions and monopolistic practices” against their game, which has about 350 million registered users worldwide.

Epic Games Publisher Fortnite has been rejected in a legal attempt to restore the game in the Apple App Store

Apple’s lawsuit, filed today in North American District Court in California (read it here), described Epic’s lawsuit as “nothing more than a fundamental disagreement about money. Although Epic portrays itself as the modern Robin Hood company, it is, in fact, an institution.” With billions of dollars you simply don’t want to pay anything for the enormous value you get from the App Store. “

As part of a point-by-point rebuttal to Epic’s original claims, Apple has also cited Fortnite’s growth as a product in part if its relationship with the Apple Store, saying, “By all accounts, Epic has benefited more from Apple’s support and services than any other country. An app developer over the past two years.” .

She added that, with “Apple support, in a couple of short years, Fortnite has grown into an incredibly successful iOS app, enjoying nearly 130 million downloads in 174 countries – and Epic earning more than half a billion dollars.” In April 2020, CEOs at Epic appreciates and thanks Apple for their support and promotion of Fortnite events. “

Apple is seeking a jury trial.

Recently, US District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on August 25 rejected Epic’s offer for an emergency order that sought to return the game to the Apple App Store. She supported part of Epic’s argument but rejected her claims of “irreparable harm” in relation to It is an electronic gameWhich kicked off its last season on August 27th.

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