Apple app upgrades | Simpler interface, easier operation, easier sign up | Apple Daily

Apple app upgrades |  Simpler interface, easier operation, easier sign up |  Apple Daily

Returning to the original intent, search for Jane to find the true “Apple News” upgrade experience

We have shared the opinions of many readers and carefully listened to your valuable opinions about the “Apple” application, and a new version of the “Apple News” application has been launched to improve the reader experience. Our R&D team is based on the design principle of “keep it right, stay simple”, which focuses on the readers, and redevelops it from the start. After nearly a year of hard work, the new version of the Apple app will provide you with a simpler interface, clearer classification, and an easier-to-use experience. Apple is bent on keeping pace with the times with you, returning to the original intention, and searching for the truth out of simplicity.

Click here to update / download the new Apple News app.

How to update the application

The latest version of Apple News (iOS 6.0.1 / Android 6.0.0) has been released, and an issue with “Related News” not being displayed normally has been fixed. When the user opens the application, he will receive a notification to upgrade, and after finishing the update, he can see all the exciting content; IOS users who already upgraded to 6.0.0 need to update again. You can also click here to download the latest version of the app.

Common upgrade problems

If ‘pop app’ status appears after update, you can try to delete the app (shovel app / delete app) and reinstall it. Meanwhile, it is also recommended to update the mobile operating system (OS) to make the system more stable. Signed in subscribers can continue viewing all exciting content without logging in again after a successful update. If you encounter difficulties logging in, please click here to understand.

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The new simple control interface is more convenient

The upgraded interface is completely new, and the look and feel is more concise than the old version. Home is preset to “My Apple Station”. The content that is most popular to you is identified by the AI. The main function menu is changed to the bottom of the screen for easy one-hand operation.

Integrated news content classification is more straightforward

In addition to the interface redesign, the content is also reclassified and integrated. In the “News” main job catalog, all the contents of the “Instant News”, “Motion News” and “Daily” videos (“Apple Daily” “Online version) are located, you just need to click the relevant button at the top of the screen In addition, “Top News in Hong Kong” and breaking news are integrated into “Top News in Hong Kong”, and “Cross-Strait News and International News” are integrated into “Cross-Strait International”, which is more concise and clearer than the previous version.

This popular column set is more apt for reading

In Special Columns, you can find not only hot news on a topic like Pneumonia, but also content from various Apple columns. Columns and authors are visible at a glance, and there is no need for research.

Comprehensive membership area with more information

The Members Area integrates special pages with cool topics such as “Fruit Burning Terrace” and “Diet Men and Women” to provide you with interesting and practical information about life as well as news. You can also click Previous News, Taiwan News and All Web Content; subscribers can also subscribe to one site within the app and manage groups, settings and other account information.

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Single cross-platform membership identity

Whether you subscribe to the “Apple News” app or the “Apple Daily” site, you can view all Apple content across platforms. Version 6.0 especially provides the fastest subscription method for iOS users, where users can subscribe instantly without logging in, and get a real mobile subscription with one click. However, please note that if you want to see the great content of “Apple Daily” and all the thematic pages, after subscribing to the application on iOS, you can register / log in to become a member of the application, then click “Restore Your Subscription”, so that you can link Your subscription membership between the application and the website. The in-app subscription method for Android users remains unchanged, you can log in and then subscribe.

Please pay attention to the following features soon

The new “Apple News” app does not currently provide a “Pneumonia Epidemic” current affairs page. Users can find a list of articles related to “Pneumonia Epidemic” on the “Features” page. Additionally, the iOS version will provide the following functionality later:

1. Set the font size

2. iPad lateral browsing

Other common problems

You can sign in to One Member Center, or[انقر هنا]to know more.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Customer Service Officer:

Email: [email protected]

Online: Facebook Messenger Express Customer Service, please click here

Phone: +852 99852623

Click on the 7-Eleven word procedural query

Click on the two words to subscribe to the plan

1 click to subscribe to the 3 word app

Press 4 and forget to log into your account

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Press 5 and I subscribed but failed to browse the service

Press 6 to change the credit card information

Press 8 to contact a customer service representative

Service Hours (Hong Kong Time):

Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

(Inquiries outside of service hours will be answered on the next day)


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