Apple allows app makers to charge lower and higher prices

Apple allows app makers to charge lower and higher prices

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In the App Store, Apple allows app developers to charge higher and lower prices than has been possible until now. With the move, the US tech group appears to want to deflect attention from the many criticisms of the HC that app makers have to pay Apple over sales in the App Store.

Prices can now start at 29 cents on the dollar. Previously, the bottom was still at 49 cents for subscriptions and 99 cents for apps. The maximum amount has been increased to $10,000 and that was $999.99. Developers are also getting new options for setting prices in different countries and currencies.

According to the Bloomberg news agency, this is a significant change in the pricing structure of the App Store, which was established in 2008. The platform has also received a lot of criticism in recent years. Developers and regulators primarily complained about the 30 percent commission Apple charges on all app purchases, as well as other restrictions.

In the US, Apple last year settled for $100 million in a claim from small app makers. But it may not stop there. Earlier this year, the head of music streaming service Spotify urged the European Commission to speed up its crackdown on Apple’s anti-competitive behaviour.

After the intervention of the Consumers and Markets Authority (ACM), Apple actually changed its policy for the App Store in the Netherlands earlier this year. This case was about dating apps. Apple has pledged to allow dating apps to use multiple payment systems. ACM imposed a total fine of 50 million euros on Apple.

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There was more news about Apple on Tuesday. For example, the group also announced a new function for Apple Music called Sing. Through this, users are assisted in singing along to the songs by displaying the lyrics, among other things.

Bloomberg also reported, based on insiders, that Apple was going to lay out its plans to make its car a little less ambitious. The car’s arrival could have been delayed a year to 2026 and it wouldn’t be a fully self-driving car. Instead, the car will only be able to drive autonomously on highways.

Apple did not want to comment on the letter about the car project. For years, there has been speculation about a so-called Apple Car, with rumors about the project ranging from developing its own electric car to an automotive operating system.

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