DHL goes even further with Ford Pro •

DHL goes even further with Ford Pro •

Ford Pro and Deutsche Post DHL Group recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to accelerate the use of electrified commercial vehicles for logistics operations around the world. In doing so, both companies affirm their commitment to providing sustainable/green services.

Under the planned partnership, Ford Pro will deliver more than 2,000 electric delivery vans to Deutsche Post DHL Group worldwide by the end of 2023. With this, Deutsche Post DHL Group reinforces its leading international position in the use of electric commercial vehicles for ‘last-mile’ deliveries . The agreement includes a full suite of solutions for the electric fleet, including access to connected E-Telematics software and Ford Pro charging solutions. These reduce costs and increase efficiency in the context of the two organizations’ shared goals: achieving zero emissions.

Ford aims to be carbon neutral for all vehicles sold and carbon neutral for its facilities, logistics and suppliers in Europe by 2035. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality globally by 2050.

Leading international logistics company Deutsche Post DHL Group aims to promote clean activities for climate protection and is investing €7 billion in zero-emission logistics this decade. Deutsche Post DHL Group aims to have a 60 percent share of e-vehicles in carbon-neutral collection and delivery services by 2030. The company is now aided by its Ford Pro range of electric vehicles, including the new E-Transit.

Ford Pro and Deutsche Post DHL Group share a vision of increasing sustainability and the pursuit of electrified solutions. This agreement is a major step towards millions of deliveries worldwide by electrified vehicles. The E-Transit is the best-selling electric commercial vehicle in North America and, as of June, also the best-selling vehicle in its class in Europe. “The 2-ton electric Transit is already making great strides in realizing this ambition,” said Hans Scheib, Managing Director of Ford Pro Europe.

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“Electrification of last-mile delivery logistics is an important pillar of making our activities CO2-neutral. By adding the new Ford E-Transit to our global fleet of approximately 27,000 electric commercial vehicles, we are strengthening our ability to offer greener delivery services across the globe. “Joining efforts to meet our specific logistics requirements enhances the efficiency of our operations and services,” said Anna Spinelli, Chief Procurement Officer and Head of Mobility at Deutsche Post DHL Group.

Ford Pro has already delivered the first E-Transits under the agreement. They are used in the electric fleet of Deutsche Post DHL Group for last mile connections in various countries in the world. Demand for electronic delivery vans designed for express delivery is concentrated in North and South America and Europe. The vehicles will be added to the Deutsche Post DHL Group fleet during the busiest times of the year, enabling more sustainable deliveries during the high season. Additional purchases of Ford Pro Special Vehicles with a modified cargo area were also made for inner-city distribution in Germany.

The memorandum of understanding signed by Ford and Deutsche Post DHL Group allows the two companies to explore future joint products, new digital solutions and shipping capabilities. In addition to providing early access to innovative ideas, Ford Pro also enables Deutsche Post DHL Group to test vehicles and monitor services. The two companies are studying whether they can expand their services to more and more markets around the world.

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