Annoyed by her mobile phone: Bielefeld police officer injured fellow patrol car | regional

Annoyed by her mobile phone: Bielefeld police officer injured fellow patrol car |  regional

Annoyed him jiggles her cell phone |

Police officer injures his colleague in a patrol car

Bielefeld (NRW) – Everyone is probably annoyed by people who are constantly playing with their cell phones and making annoying noises. A policeman from Bielefeld is completely frightened in such a situation.

The man hit a female colleague who could not leave her cell phone. Ausraster could now have dire consequences. Bielefeld Police confirmed that “bodily harm procedures have begun”.

The case is really strange. According to BILD information, three police officers were in a patrol car. An officer was sitting in the passenger seat, playing with her phone while driving, which increasingly annoyed the driver.

Police officer crashes into dashboard

She continued despite repeated pleas and requests to stop. Until the driver, an experienced police officer, lost his temper.

Then this malicious act: he secretly unbuckled the seat belt buckle on the passenger seat and then immediately hit the brakes! The female colleague flew off the seat and hit her head on the dashboard. She is said to have suffered bruises and a slight concussion.

The case became known to the authorities only via bypass roads. The injured policewoman did not report the matter officially, but she told several colleagues about it. In the end, the chiefs figured it out.

According to the police, the procedure is being carried out at Münster Police Headquarters for reasons of impartiality. The Prosecutor’s Office in Bielefeld will then decide whether to bring charges.

The police officer was taken to the office. If convicted, he can at worst be dismissed from service and even lose his pension benefits.

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