Jos Verstappen: Max is the best

Jos Verstappen: Max is the best

At home in front of the TV, Jos Verstappen saw his son Max become Formula 1 world champion in Japan for the second time. Verstappen Senior had the largely self-trained driver on the phone shortly after the turbulent race. “I’ve said it’s the best ever. But I say it almost every weekend,” said the proud father on “Max knows what he’s doing. That’s what makes him so good.”

50-year-old Verstappen accompanies his son for most of the Grand Prix races. However, after last week’s race in Singapore, he’s back home. “I needed it, I guess. My wife and kids are at home and that’s basically why I’m not in Japan. But I don’t have to be there to celebrate and be happy either. But it happens. He’s doing the same now, so I’m looking for matches.”

After the end, it was not clear for a few minutes whether Max Verstappen actually won the world title, also because his rival Charles Leclerc was awarded a penalty. Formula 1 declared the Dutch world champion, but according to Red Bull, an error occurred in the calculation. “I didn’t know what it was exactly,” Joss said. “I called the team and manager Raymond Vermeulen. Finally word of the refund came.”

In two weeks, Verstappen Senior will once again be at the US GP. “I think there will be a little party one night.”


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