Anne Frank Fund sits on a research project on infidelity: ‘Gre…

Anne Frank Fonds kraakt onderzoeksproject naar verraad: ‘Grenst aan complottheorie’

Portrait of Anne Frank at an exhibition in Frankfurt.
Photo: ANP / DPA

The director of the Switzerland-based Anne Frank Fund said the investigation into Anne Frank’s betrayal is futile. “Almost every page contains inaccurate information.” In a book published last week, researchers reported that she may have been betrayed by Jewish notary Arnold van den Berg.

John D. said. Goldsmith, head of a disappointing fund in the Swiss newspaper Opinion. According to him, no scientific evidence was presented in the “commercial” study.

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Earlier, historians have already expressed doubts about the research methods and results. Internationally, Goldsmith finds it disturbing that he “betrayed a Jew”. According to him, the conclusion is close to a conspiracy theory.

More investigations

An international team spent more than five years investigating the question of who told the Nazis in 1944 that Anne Frank hid with others in the Secret Annex in Amsterdam, where she wrote her famous memoirs. The notary would be guilty of treason, he wanted to save his family from deportation.

The Anne Frank Fund manages the rights to her journal and uses the income, among other things, for educational projects. The manager of the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands described the research as “extremely good and meticulous”, but according to him, important elements are missing and more research is needed.

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