Animal Crossing: New Horizons patch gets rid of star fragment trees

Animal Crossing: New Horizons patch gets rid of star fragment trees

The most current update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrives down on a common hack where players forced normal trees to bear matters other than fruit, these types of as fossils or, most prominently, star fragments.

The go arrives on the heels of a really controversial second in just the Animal Crossing fandom, in which gamers were being sharing “Dream Addresses” with each individual other, enabling followers to stop by a saved edition of their island. Notably, guests would report gamers sporting islands with star tree fragments to Nintendo for cheating, a move that resulted in desire island takedowns, or, at occasions, a momentary revoking of on the internet connectivity. Some claimed that they were harassed or bullied above possessing star trees by viewers of YouTubers who made a sport out of reporting hacked islands as effectively.

The reporting phenomenon upset segments of the neighborhood, as the hack was found as basically cosmetic. Players who hacked their online games knew they have been bending the policies, but because Animal Crossing isn’t aggressive, numerous felt that it was unfair for their game titles to be restricted by Nintendo. That explained, some designed a company out of disseminating star trees for genuine dollars, because most men and women cannot obtain them without jogging a modded edition of the match.

In accordance to all those impacted, former star trees are now frequent money trees. Though this transfer is shockingly intense from Nintendo, who has authorized similar hacks within preceding game titles, like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it should at least quit folks from fighting more than reported islands.

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The patch also addresses a pair of other things, per Nintendo’s notes:

Mounted an situation where shining soil disappears right after returning to your possess island just after a desire and buried Bells appear in that area rather.

Fastened an concern the place the player swings their shovel as a result of the air when making an attempt to hit a rock positioned at a selected locale.

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