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Google has a large number of applications in its portfolio, although it is by no means aimed at end users. There’s also a whole bunch of system apps out there that do their jobs in the background – and the app has been a part of that for some time Google Settings Services. Until now, this was mainly known from the Battery widget, now you reveal what this app actually does and what permissions it needs.

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The Google Settings Service app is only available on Pixel smartphones and has been seen many times for a long time, but it has become more present with the optional battery widget on the Pixel Launcher’s home screen. The name suggests that the app is responsible for system settings, but this is not the case. It has more to do with the fact that some apps can access certain settings and information.

The Settings app on your phone uses platform software called Settings Services. The program allows you to set up, connect and set settings on your phone and some application settings.

The system grants Settings Services permissions for things like displaying information about network connections and connected devices, setting rules for activating Do Not Disturb mode, or sending notifications.

In order for the app to perform these tasks, the app is granted some system-wide permissions that do not need to be approved by the users. For this reason, the support article explains the permissions granted and how to use them.

mobile network connection
Settings services check if your phone is connected to the mobile network.

Connected devices
This permission allows gadgets to view status information for your phone and its Bluetooth-connected devices.

Settings Services displays status and updates notifications. Different notifications have their own settings preferences. Learn how to control notifications on Android.

Rules can help automate location-dependent changes that you regularly make to settings, such as turning your phone into silent mode when getting started. Rules need access to the site at all times to function properly. The location data remains on your phone and is not sent to Google. You can change site permissions and rules settings.

There’s nothing really flashy or big between them, so the app will likely continue to do the simple tasks you’d expect it to do in the future. The name “Google System Intelligence” at the time suggested more, but at least in the current generation you can’t expect much. Perhaps the location-based rules, which Google just launched in Assistant and in Calendar, are interesting. Maybe something is coming at the system level.

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