Android: The new Google system update is available – many innovations are coming on all smartphones and tablets

android next generation

Google has a smartphone operating system Android More and more over the years, creating conditions for the modernization of individual components separately and completely independent of each other. This has the door google system updates It was created, and the first round of it will be rolling out again to all users in May these days. There are many improvements in the Google Play Store, but also when switching between devices.

The next generation of android

Google System Updates is a fairly recent collection of operating system components that can be updated directly from the Play Store. Previously, this was known internally as “Project Mainline” and changes were only announced in exceptional cases. But with the updated name, transparency has also increased and detailed information on improvements is provided several times a month.

Google system updates are independent of Google Play Services updates and updates via the Google Play Store. While system updates are actually related to the operating system, play services are responsible for the article and framework. The Google Play Store updates the apps that the user uses, so it’s at the top of the three-level update pyramid now. However, in May, most of the updates are about improvements around the Google Play Store, just as they are almost every month.

Here are the details of the second update round in May. These have a date yesterday May 9th and another update will likely follow in a good couple of weeks – but that is unpredictable. There’s no set procedure for this, but it’s been easy to watch for the past few months. Below you will find the latest updates. A new addition is the choice of media to be used by application developers.

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critical fixes

  • [Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS] Bug fixes for account management and services related to system management and diagnostics.[2]

Account management

  • [Phone, Tablet] Migrate the current device setup flow of supervised work accounts to a web-based experience.[2]

device connections

  • [Auto, Phone, TV] Nearby sharing now allows users to share content more seamlessly between their devices that are signed in to the same account.[2]

Google Play Store

  • Improvements to Play While Downloading feature to allow players to start mobile games while downloading the app continues to reduce wait times.[3]
  • New features to help you discover the apps and games you love.[3]
  • Improvements that allow for faster and more reliable downloads and installations.[3]
  • New features for Play Pass and Play Points.[3]
  • Improvements to Google Play Billing.[3]
  • Continuous improvements to Play Protect to keep your device secure.[3]
  • Various performance improvements, bug fixes, security, stability, and accessibility improvements.[3]

the support

  • [Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS] Google Help app design improvements.[2]

systems management

  • System management services updates that improve stability and performance.[2]

Developer Services

  • New developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support ads, location services, and related developer services in their apps.[2]
  • New developer service and user experience to allow users to select specific photos or videos to share with an app instead of giving permission to all media files on the device. See for more information
[2] Available through Google Play Services v22.15 updated on 05/09/2022.
[3] Available through Google Play Store v30.3 updated on 05/09/2022.

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