Android patch for March 2021, Samsung opens dances: here are the updated models

Android patch for March 2021, Samsung opens dances: here are the updated models

one more time Samsung is burning all the time, The first to be launched Android security patches updated in March 2021. But if the February updates to the opening updates were last year’s flagships, or the Galaxy S20, in this surprise round of opening dances are more old devices, or series Galaxy S10, Who – which Galaxy Note 10First folding Galaxy Fold And finally a Underdog, is called Galaxy A8 (2018).

Although there were three years on its back, Samsung didn’t forget it and today only released the update, even before the end of the month. Distribution has just started and is expected to gradually reach all devices globally over the next few days.

To manually check if the new firmware is really available for download, the procedure remains the same: just go to Settings, then to Software Update and finally download and install the update if it already exists.

However, the older brothers (like the Galaxy S10, Note 10, and Fold) have received a richer update, also including One UI 3.1, with all the news it contains: To see what other models will benefit from the latest version of Samsung’s interface, there is Our dedicated article.

For this article, we will keep updating it by tracking all models (from any manufacturer) that will receive Android security patches from maro 2021, and to do that we also rely on you: you will find at the bottom the form for you to send your reports to us.

(Updated February 26, 2021, 2:49 PM)

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