Android: Google Play Store hides app updates – removed completely for some users


In the Google Play Store There are over 2.5 million apps and some of them are likely to be updated fairly regularly with new features or bug fixes. Google has done a lot in recent years to hide these updates as much as possible and is now taking another big step in this direction: change logs and information about the latest update are being removed from many devices.

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Android apps obtained from the Play Store are usually automatically updated completely in the background and do not require user intervention. But the fact that you can rely on it in most cases does not automatically mean that you are not interested in it as a user. This is exactly what the Google Play Store team assumes, because information about app updates is more and more hidden and almost completely pulled from some users.

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There are many user reports and changes are expressed in different ways: some have lost a list of the latest updates, some do not see any change logs, and for others it is not even possible to know the date of the last update of the application. However, the latter can be an important criterion for which applications you should pay money for. Changelogs are also interesting for some apps and unfortunately they are completely hidden in the Android app. On the web, it is still accessible to all users.

It must be said that many developers – including Google – often did not keep this update section. Actions like this mean that fewer developers are bothering them and one day you can remove everything…

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