And soon became the head of Twitter: the unique and wanted Elon Musk

And soon became the head of Twitter: the unique and wanted Elon Musk

Colony on Mars, combating climate change with electric cars, repairing brain damage by implanting a chip: It might say a lot of ambitions for one human life. But that is not the case with Elon Musk.

A new challenge has been added this week: Twitter Change. The board of the online platform has approved Musk’s $44 billion acquisition proposal. The arrival of the visionary and controversial businessman has already caused turmoil among Twitter employees.

Raised by books

Musk grows in South Africa. The first eight years of his life see his parents little. “I grew up through books,” he told Rolling Stone magazine in 2017. When he was ten he went to live with his father. When he remembers a bad plan, he says to himself: “He was a bad person, you have no idea.”

At school he was bullied for years, for being the youngest and tiniest number in the class. Only after a growth spurt, at about the age of sixteen, can Musk stand up for himself. At the age of seventeen, he left South Africa for Canada, where his mother comes. Then he went to study in the United States and founded a software company with his brother.

NOS op 3 takes you into the world of Elon Musk, his future ideas and his power in this video:

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