An obscene video call for women.. it was recorded by 370 women.. 370 women were harassed by making obscene calls on WhatsApp – News18 Telugu

He was typing ten numbers he liked on his phone keypad. He was checking these numbers in TrueColor and calling back on WhatsApp if they were girls’ numbers. He put that WhatsApp call into video recording mode and undressed him. The women who admit this are the ones making the call. He was recording the video and sending it back to his mobile phone. It annoys them that way. He threatened to send the video to family members if they reported it to the police. As if they were afraid. Some people change their numbers. Some did as they were told. He harassed about 370 women by making WhatsApp calls in an obscene manner. Eventually the police caught him based on a technical technique and registered a case. According to the police, the details are as follows.

Shiv Kumar Verma, 35, from Palia District in Uttar Pradesh, runs a stationery store. Bought seven new phones. He uses them to harass women. He uses a new number on every phone and calls women. Then it disables the SIM card. Type ten numbers as you like on the cell phone keypad. It will verify this number in True Caller. If it’s a woman’s number, it will save it with that name. Then he contacts them on WhatsApp. Whatsapp call.. video screen in recording mode, undress.

The women who admit this are the ones making the call. He was teasing those who hung up again. She threatened to send her screen recordings to her husband and relatives if she asked them to file a complaint with the police. This made the women afraid to file a police complaint. Some people change the numbers. While harassed, a woman dared to file a police complaint. He was taken into police custody and the police took his behavior seriously and a case was registered against him in different departments.

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