An Israeli officer is accused of filming female soldiers in special poses with a secret camera… and a female soldier reveals the details

An Israeli officer is accused of filming female soldiers in special poses with a secret camera... and a female soldier reveals the details

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The Israeli army decided to expel an officer accused of filming female soldiers with secret cameras in sensitive situations.

The head of the IDF’s Technology and Logistics Directorate, Major General Michael Janko, signed the “decision to expel” First Lieutenant Dan Sharoni, who previously ran the IDF Vehicle Command Academy, according to an army statement, published by The Times of Israel.

The Israeli military announced that the officer was removed from his post on Monday amid an ongoing investigation, indicating the strength of the evidence against him.

It is suspected that the officer did so at the various bases where he served, filming female soldiers in their barracks and other special areas using hidden cameras.

“The Israeli army views any violation of a sexual nature with seriousness and will continue to promote a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who does so,” the army said in its statement.

Sharoni was arrested last November, and last Monday a military court extended his detention for an additional seven days, according to the army statement.

Prosecutors said that at least 38 women testified against him, including a female soldier who wrote on Facebook that the officer used cameras that looked like phone chargers and placed in rooms to film female soldiers.

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She explained: “The cameras filmed me 24/7, getting dressed, showering, drying with a towel, sleeping – and relaying the broadcast directly to the officer.”

“Other women have stories of Sharoni hacking their phones and filming them in their living spaces,” she added.

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