An image called “iPad mini 6” has been released. Can I use the Apple Pencil 2 in full screen design?

Majin Boo

It is also rumored that an upcoming Apple special event could announce the sixth generation iPad mini. Meanwhile, an image called “iPad mini 6” was posted on Twitter.

This photo was posted by Majin Boo, a leaker (someone who posts influential information about unpublished products of interest). Mr. Bo does not have a track record in the past and it is not clear how credible he is. RecentlyHave you released the expected image of “iPhone SE 3”?If you think about it, it’s called “iPhone 20” with a huge rear camera.Post a clear joke picturesometimes.

By the way, the image called “iPad mini 6” appears to have been provided by an accessory maker. Accordingly, the sixth-generation iPad mini has a full-screen design like the fourth-generation iPad Air, the edges are square, the power button on the top of the main unit has a built-in Touch ID fingerprint authentication function, the home from the front buttons have disappeared, and it was rumored as were before.

On the other hand, the big difference from the fourth-generation Air is that the volume button is moved to the top of the main unit, opposite the Touch ID power button. On previous iPads, including the mini series, the volume button was placed on the right side, so if true, it would be an unprecedented design change.

MacRumors speculate that the main reason is that the Apple Pencil is stored (magnetically glued) on the right edge of the device. With the current iPad Air and iPad Pro, you can stick the volume button and the Apple Pencil 2 magnetic on the right side, but with the iPad mini that is not possible because the size is noticeably smaller, so move the volume button up and place it for this reason I vacated.

Famous leaker Jon Prosser also released the expected rendering of the “iPad mini 6”, but the position of the volume button remained the same there. Instead, he claimed to have a new, smaller Apple Pencil.

The ability to move the volume button was also shown in a previous image called the aluminum die. This type of mold is usually made by a third-party accessory maker by getting the dimensions of the next machine (from a factory in the supply chain, etc.) before launch, and the fate of its own product is at stake. Looks fairly accurate.

Mr.’s photo indicates. Bu also notes that “Apple Pencil 2” is supported, but if you move the volume button to the top, there is a good chance that the traditional Apple Pencil 2 will be used as is. In addition, there is also the word “USB-C” and “Smart Connector” similar to the current model of the iPad Air and Pro, so Apple’s original iPad mini 6 keyboard is expected to be released.

Source:Magen Ma’am (Twitter)

Via: MacRumors

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