An estimated 250,000 animals died in fires in Galicia

An estimated 250,000 animals died in fires in Galicia

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Researchers there estimate that there are ten to fifteen individuals living together per hectare of every type of mammal, invertebrate, bird, and other small organisms. “To this should be added those animals that have not been able to escape from livestock farms or family animals such as dogs, cats or small rodents,” the foundation said in a statement.

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Humanity is heading towards catastrophe

For this reason, he warns, “If the climate crisis is not dealt with in a sufficiently serious manner, humanity will head towards an unmitigable catastrophe, as the record temperatures and major fires during these weeks in Galicia have already shown.” The NGO advocates for a ban on hunting in burned areas and intervention through renormalization measures.

On the other hand, the environmental association Arco Iris is requesting that the construction of new wind farms be postponed indefinitely and that wind farms that are currently being processed be suspended. The association warns that “the current condition of the damaged roofs does not permit the use of machinery of any kind, let alone their use for the installation of wind farms.”

Volunteers clean forests instead of the government

In addition, environmental group Verdegaia says that on July 23, its people will begin work in Froxán to clean up the forest by removing dead matter and exotic species such as eucalyptus. According to the environmental group, governments should also focus more on this.

Demonstration in Ourense

For these reasons, the Monte Gallego Defense Committee has called for a demonstration today, Thursday, July 21 in Ourense, under the slogan “The fire will never be repeated.” They want to denounce the state of neglect” and “lack of foresight” by the government towards the state of forests and forest fires.

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Lack of transparent information from the government

Environmental groups blame the authorities for a lack of transparency about the fires. For example, the total number of affected hectares is not clear. The same goes for information about the number of active outbreaks. In addition, it was decided not to report fires with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bless than 20 hectares.

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