An American finds a cat alive under the rubble nine days after a hurricane

An American finds a cat alive under the rubble nine days after a hurricane

Sonny Gibson had already quit to never see his cat Madix again. Like many buildings destroyed by violent tornadoes in Kentucky, his Mayfield office was nearly destroyed.

give up

Gibson suspects Madix must be dead in the rubble somewhere. Since then, he gave up searching when he went to look at his destroyed office last Sunday, and suddenly he heard a meowing sound coming from under the rubble. “I thought my brain was playing tricks on me,” he told the Guardian. “But when I called his name, I heard him again.”

It turned out that the animal was trapped in a pit under the rubble. Gibson called some of his employees to help release his pet, which he always carried in his company office.

“It was great to be able to hold him again,” Gibson says. “If a cat really had nine lives, it would probably have used eight in the past few days. I couldn’t imagine anything surviving those tornadoes and debris.”


Earlier this month, dozens of tornadoes swept through an area in the central United States. It’s wreaking havoc in nine states. There were deaths in Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas. According to the latest reports, at least 93 people were killed.

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