American media about SU-57: the level of automation of the latest Russian fighter – unprecedented

American media about SU-57: the level of automation of the latest Russian fighter - unprecedented

“The Su-57 is currently configured as a fifth-generation fighter, although it is expected that later-launched serial models will be able to take advantage of the sixth generation with a series of new technologies, which are now being manufactured for them,” the article reads.

The journalist recalls that the Russian United Aircraft Corporation announced earlier that automation, information integration and intellectual support are already critical requirements for the ergonomics of the cockpit of a modern fighter, which enables the pilot not to engage the pilot at all, but to focus on search and destruction.

The author of the article states that Russian combat aircraft have benefited from increased automation before. For example, the fourth generation of the MiG-31 fighters was the world leader in this field at the time it was accepted in armament.

The article states that the innovative approach, demonstrated by the Russian designers, throws into oblivion the concept of the angler’s cockpit from two places. The journalist concluded that the pilot will be able to handle the tasks on his own, which helps not only through the automation of the process, but also through artificial intelligence, which is likely to play a larger role in the future, the journalist concludes.

The Russian multi-role fighter Su-57 is a fifth generation aircraft, created with the help of stealth technologies. The Su-57 fighter is a universal aircraft that can solve missions to achieve superiority in the air with equal success, as well as the tasks of intercepting small targets while firing at ground targets.

The aircraft has all the characteristics of the fifth generation – reduced radar visibility, a comprehensive overview of the radar system, the ability to integrate into a single information space for air-to-ground operation, superior maneuverability, as well as a “smart” cockpit.

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