A sick woman (72) falls in the snow, the postman leaves her Abroad

A sick woman (72) falls in the snow, the postman leaves her  Abroad

Patricia Stewart, who had a bone disease, fell at the entrance to her home. Photos shared by her cousin show that she is lying on the floor and the postman talks to her for a moment before he turns away.

“I can’t help you, I’m exhausted.” The man said to her, “Really tired.” The procedure was captured by a camera at the neighbor’s doorbell. “The postman had just handed me two small packages and put them on a drawer at the entrance. When I tried to get them I felt dizzy and fell. The postman just left and he didn’t see me fall so I called for help and asked him if he could help me get up, but he said he was tired and left me there in the snow. “

Stewart was in the snow for 20 minutes before the delivery lady came to the rescue, according to Mirror reports. Checked by ambulance crew, but works well under these conditions. “Everything still hurts a little. My head hurts where I fell.”

The woman’s niece, Sherrill Harkins, 36, visits her aunt multiple times a day. At first I was angry, then I was upset. I’m in shock. It would have happened very differently if the delivery lady had not found her. “

The Royal Mail Manager has now visited the woman and apologized. He promised that the accident “will not touch the rug.” It’s unclear if this means the postman will be fired. A spokesman said, “We are in contact with the victim and have an investigation into the case.”

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