American athletes rule the World Cup in their country: thirteen golden times

American athletes rule the World Cup in their country: thirteen golden times

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With thirteen gold, nine silver, and eleven bronze medals, the U.S. track and field team was superior at the first world championships in the United States. Behind the homeland, Ethiopia, Jamaica and Kenya had to make do with ten medals in the medal standings.

On the final day in Eugene, world records jumped by Nigerian Toby Amosan (25) in the 100-meter hurdles (12.12) and Swedish driver Armand Duplantis (6.21 metres), but the Americans added three gold medals. The medal harvest is really impressive.

The most beautiful was 20-year-old Athing Mu, who became the first American ever to win a World Cup gold medal at this distance after a fierce battle with Britain’s Keely Hodgkinson. Mo also stunned last year in Tokyo with the Olympic title in the 800 metres. The difference between gold and silver was minimal: 1.56.30 to 1.56.38. The arrangement was in the end the same as last year’s Tokyo.

Mayer for the second time world champion in the decathlon

Mayer also took the title in 2017. Two years later, he gave up after seven parts. At the Olympics, the world record holder came second twice, in 2016 behind Ashton Eaton and last year behind Damien Warner. The latter advanced in Eugene after four parts, but withdrew in the 400m due to a hamstring injury.

Ingebrigtsen succeeded at an altitude of 5000 meters

Jakob Ingbrigtsen avenged the 5000m for losing the gold medal earlier in the tournament. The Norwegian was the favorite in the 1500m, but won the silver medal “only” at that distance. In the 5000m, he drove the last three laps and kept everyone behind in the final race. The winning time was 13.09.24.

The only 21-year-old became the European champion in 2018 in both 1500 and 5000 metres. At the 2019 World Championships, he finished fourth in the 1500m and fifth in the 5000m. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo last year, he was a worldwide success. He ran for gold in 1500 metres.

In Eugene, he held the top four places in the games and the top three places in the 2019 World Cup behind him. Kenyan Jacob Krupp was the best among the rest with a time of 0.74 seconds on Sunday.

Mihambo is also showing herself at the World Championships in Eugene as the best long jumper in the world

Mihambo started with two wrong jumps, then reached 6.98 meters and then jumped to 7.09 meters. Already sure of the title, she finished 7.12 meters. Nigeria’s Issei Broome, who finished third at the 2019 World Cup and at the Games, was the only one to cut seven metres: 7.02 metres.

The Americans excel at 4 x 400 metres

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