America promised the land for the Formula 1 race: The race in the Las Vegas final | motorsports

America promised the land for the Formula 1 race: The race in the Las Vegas final |  motorsports

It will likely be the penultimate race of the season, before the usual shutdown in Abu Dhabi. Grand Prix in Vegas It also runs on Saturday evening, early Sunday morning in Europe. The street circuit will be over 6 kilometers long, with three long lanes and fourteen corners.

“The third race in the United States shows the tremendous appeal and growth of our sport.”

Formula 1 is owned by Liberty Media, an American media group since 2017. For the owner, the United States is very interesting from a business point of view. Thanks in part to the apocalyptic title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton last year and the popular Netflix documentary. campaign to survive Formula 1 is gaining popularity on the other side of the ocean. At the beginning of May this year Miami debuted on the calendar and this race sold out quickly.

Last season’s Grand Prix in Austin was the most attended race ever with 400,000 spectators spread out over three days. And recently the opening of the race in Bahrain for America ESPN The most-watched Grand Prix on cable TV since 1995. With an average of one and a half million viewers, that’s not too bad in absolute numbers, but the sport is clearly on the rise in America.

Racetrack in Las Vegas.

Racetrack in Las Vegas.

“The third race in the United States shows the immense appeal and growth of our sport,” said Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1: Las Vegas is a destination known worldwide for its excitement, hospitality, excitement and of course, the famous strip. There is no better place for a Formula 1 race than the entertainment capital of the world and we can’t wait to be here next year.”

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So the Formula 1 management is choosing to travel to America three different times next year, presumably in May (Miami), October (Austin) and thus in November (Las Vegas). In Las Vegas, the Grand Prix has been completed twice before, in 1981 and 1982.

With the arrival of Las Vegas, the return of China and the permanent “appointment” of Qatar – which will also likely return to the calendar this year rather than Russia – the calendar is crowded. At least one of the races still on the calendar this year is sure to be gone. Frenchman Paul Ricard and the Belgian resort of Spa-Francorchamps are in the works in this regard.

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