AMD is evaluating the ability to enable Radeon Super Resolution on legacy GPUs

AMD is evaluating the ability to enable Radeon Super Resolution on legacy GPUs

From Valentine Sattler
AMD’s decision to release Radeon Super Resolution scaling technology only for RDNA GPUs at this time has caused a firestorm of bullshit. However, this limitation appears not to be fixed: AMD is said to want to examine the expansion of RSR support in the future.

After AMD last year with Fidelity FX’s ultimate precision (FSR) has launched an alternative to Nvidia’s DLSS, another scaling technology called Radeon driver that has been taken up this week. Radeon Super Resolution (RSR). Unlike FSR, this should work directly via the driver and therefore with all games. However, the support provided by graphics cards is problematic, because Radeon Super Resolution currently only works on GPUs with an RDNA architecture.

Sheetstorm on Reddit

Thus gamers with an old Vega or Polaris GPU cannot use RSR, although the technology is particularly needed here. In contrast, RSR is based on FSR – and this, in turn, runs on modern Vega, Polaris and Geforce graphics cards. From a technical point of view, there is apparently no reason to limit RDNA graphics cards – this leads to a storm of bullshit. On Reddit, for example, there is a post with about 1,100 likes and about 500 comments, many users are fed up with the seemingly artificial restrictions.

According to PC Gamer, there is hope that older Radeon GPUs will continue to be supplied with RSR. Accordingly, AMD employee Glen Matthews confirmed that one can continue working on RSR in the future. For starters, however, the company has focused on RDNA graphics cards, where this is where the advantage is greatest due to the higher output resolution. In the second quarter, AMD will also focus on the new Ryzen 6000 APUs. Therefore, no changes should be expected before the third quarter.

“We evaluate other solutions afterwards. The reason we took this process is a combination of what we see from our users in terms of the displays they use, and then also where we see the most value for our users. And we prioritize in that order.”

“Then we look at other solutions. The reason we take this approach is a combination of what we see from our users in terms of the screens they use and then also where we see the most benefit that users see. And that is the order we prioritize.”

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Unfortunately, this statement is not a clear confirmation that RSR will also be usable on Vega and Polaris graphics cards in the fall. So it remains to be seen if AMD will succumb to the storm and adapt the software accordingly in the future so that it also works on legacy architectures. After all: such a move seems not entirely excluded.

Source: PC Gamers

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