Amazon: We’ve been able to use Windows 365 for a long time — and now also in a web browser

Amazon: We've been able to use Windows 365 for a long time — and now also in a web browser

In the future, users will also be able to access the Windows desktop in the Amazon cloud via a web browser. AWS includes Workspace Streaming Protocol (WSP), thanks to which users no longer need to install an additional on-premises client. Once booked and activated in a management environment, Windows 10 is available full of AWS Value, Standard, Performance, Power or PowerPro variants under Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Amazon doesn’t provide many details about WSP. It’s a cloud-native suite, where the provider leverages several streaming components from the on-premises client to AWS. Among other things, the user’s system should no longer have to evaluate metrics, choose the appropriate markup, and mark it up. The goal is for the WSP to adapt to the user’s situation in real time, regardless of their location and different network performance.

The announcement of the new functionality coincides with the start of Windows 365: Microsoft now also offers a desktop from the cloud that users can connect to directly in the browser. However, Amazon has been running WorkSpaces for a long time, in Europe since 2014. And it’s not just on Windows, but Linux desktops can also be booked. The latter, however, does not work in the browser when WSP is started.

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