Amazon supervisor shouted at workers to take a break a minute ago which went viral on the internet

Amazon supervisor shouted at workers to take a break a minute ago which went viral on the internet

The reminder that there is still one minute to go home, it seems, can only be found in the children who anxiously await the sound of the drum to finish school. But that’s what employees, adults, face when working in Amazon warehouses.

In a video posted on TikTok by @amazonassociatef1, an anonymous fellow at Amazon often documents the day-to-day experiences of working for the US e-commerce giant, a manager or a supervisor. Amazon announced via loudspeaker that the employee would not be leaving his or her position “soon,” because he still has less than a minute before his shift ends.

“It’s 9:59, not 10:00.”Amazon supervisor confirmed. “If you’re going on vacation, you get a TOT. We’ll let you know.”

“It’s ten o’clock. It’s time to get to work,” The employee responded. And it seemed that by the time she finished speaking, it was already 10:00.

The concept of “TOT”, where superiors threaten employees who leave early, means “important leave”. It’s a system Amazon uses to track employee productivity. Accordingly, every minute of inactivity counts as rest time. And those who stop working at 9:59 a.m. won’t get paid for that missing minute. With employees who have a lot of coaches like this, the system will automatically generate alerts, and eventually, the employee may be fired.

Image cut from video, now hidden on Tiktok

The video is now hidden, but before that it went viral and had 4.5 million views and 631 thousand likes. Many TikTok viewers were upset by this moderator’s warning action. They say this reminds them of their school days. Others argue that these workers should form unions to prevent unacceptable behavior towards workers.

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“It turns out that schools really remind us from an early age of capitalism,” sarcastic commentator.

“This does nothing but remind the workers of how little they have control and are beaten up,” he said. Viewer writes.

“What does it matter if you take a 15-minute break at 9:59 or 10:00? They just do it to make them hopeless and submissive employees.” Another commented.

“What a lot of people don’t understand is that the warehouse is very large, and it takes 5 minutes to walk to the rest area.” Someone else wrote. That is why the turnover rate is 150%.

9:59 a.m.: Amazon supervisor yells at workers to take a break before a minute goes viral online - Pic 2.

Image cut from video, now hidden on Tiktok

The aforementioned TikTok account often posts videos that give viewers a deeper understanding of working conditions in Amazon warehouses. Several videos show how workers pack and move at high speed. One comment said the warehouse is really huge so even going to the break room takes time for the staff.

It should be noted that there are also comments saying that there is nothing wrong with this type of behavior, because supervisors are also employees, and they are simply asked to do their job.

“When I was working at Amazon, they would yell at us to work faster.” Previously Amazon warehouse worker.

Several other users encouraged Amazon employees to unite.

“You all need a guild,” hanging one. “I wouldn’t even work for Amazon, even though they have such an organization,” Someone else answered.

Maria Boschetti, a spokeswoman for Amazon, issued a statement following the incident.

“We take these matters very seriously and are actively investigating. This does not reflect the high standards we hold our management team.” This actor said.

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