Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime is more dear.. Since when are the new prices?

Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime is more dear.. Since when are the new prices?

Publication date: 12/14/2021 02:00 AM

Internet Desk: Amazon Prime membership is growing in popularity. From now on, new members will have to pay a lump sum of 50 percent. It was learned that the company announced earlier that the current annual membership for Amazon Prime will be Rs 999 while it will be Rs 1,499. However, it was not immediately clear when the new rates would take effect. Amazon Prime announced on its Deals page that the latest inflation will take effect from midnight today (Tuesday, December 14th). To become a member of Amazon Prime from December 14, one has to pay 1,499 rupees. There are currently three types available for Amazon membership. Offering monthly, quarterly and yearly memberships. Prices for the rest will also rise in line with the recent rally.

Currently, the monthly membership fee is 129 rupees, with an increase to 179 rupees (adding 38 per cent), 329 rupees per month for three months, and 459 rupees (adding 39 per cent). Annual membership ranges from 999 rupees to 1,499 rupees (add 50%). Those who take an Amazon Prime subscription will get Prime Videos and Prime Music benefits as well as free home delivery in one or two days. Plus, you can get the best deals up to 30 minutes in advance. In 2016, Amazon launched its prime membership in India. Then the annual membership was 499 rupees and then in 2019 this amount was increased to 999 rupees. Amazon also made monthly memberships available in 2018.

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