amazing! This will be in the old building of the Leonidas Lunchroom in Choorstraat

amazing!  This will be in the old building of the Leonidas Lunchroom in Choorstraat

The Leonidas dining room was closed for a few months. This issue will be missed by many Delft residents, but fortunately something great will return for it: De Botanie. Here we can enjoy special cocktails, gourmet dishes and more in a short period of time.

The Botanie will open soon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. “In the evenings we work with small plates, about the size of appetizers,” explains Mara, one of the owners. “You can choose to take one bite with a cocktail or beer or you can make dinner with several snacks.” Besides food, De Botanie’s focus is on coffee and cocktails.

Australian “Next Level”

Mara opened The Botany with Emily and Roger. Roger is the son of Lou, the owner of Leonidas. Emily is from Australia, which is why De Botanie’s menu is filled with Australian dishes and drinks.

“Coffee and cocktail culture is real in Australia next stageThere’s a little extra interest or an extra special ingredient in everything,” says Mara. “The list isn’t complete yet, but we’ll serve up an espresso martini, for example, with nut foam or salted caramel. In other cocktails we use ingredients such as rooibos or rhubarb and cinnamon filled jalapeno tequila.”

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on the list

Also on the menu are dishes that you do not often see in other Delft establishments. Think, for example, of soft folded eggs with blue crab on toast or baguettes with pork belly for lunch, a rack of lamb with smoked eel or refried beans as dinner plates and avocado mousse with farm boys for dessert.

“Australia is very multicultural, which is reflected in the food. The ancient Aboriginal peoples, the English, other Europeans who settled there, and neighboring Asian countries have all influenced what is now Australian cuisine,” explains Mara. “As a result, the dishes are somewhat ‘puffy’, with the best from all sorts of cultures.”

Open in the fall

The business is currently undergoing a major transformation. “A new floor, a couple of new rails and everything gets some paint,” Mara says. “We are also setting up a window-side coffee bar on Choorstraat, where we can serve coffee, cake and sandwiches. Togo maybe you can be.”

Anyone who often visits Leonidas’ lunch room knows, of course, that the beautiful terrace garden is one of the most beautiful parts of this site. “It truly is a somewhat hidden gem. With the name De Botanie we want to show that the park still exists!”

Botany will open this fall. They are still looking for employees!

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