Alonso starts work on third combustion engine in Australia

Alonso starts work on third combustion engine in Australia

Fernando Alonso will use his third internal combustion engine in three races in Australia after the second had problems with the water pump. That’s bad news for Alpine: a fourth combustion engine means a ten-place grid penalty.

The reliability of the new Alpine engine leaves much to be desired. After several problems in the winter tests, Fernando Alonso retired in Saudi Arabia after his water pump failed. “This resulted in the engine not cooling enough and causing the engine to overheat,” Laurent Rossi, president of the Alps company, told France. Auto Hebdo. The Alps know where the problem has been and are hoping to solve it before the Australian Grand Prix.

one less

But the Alps could no longer use this combustion engine for the rest of the season. “The problem with this component is that it’s built into the engine. The water pump went out and fell into the engine. If we wanted to fix it, we had to break the seal. So it’s now one engine less for us, though,” Rossi said.


Despite this setback, the Alpine boss is still satisfied with how the engine works. He concludes, “The engine does what is expected of it. So I have absolutely no doubts about the design of the engine.”

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