Alonso only on two lean points after four races: ‘It hurts so much’

Alonso pas op twee schamele punten na vier races: "Dat is behoorlijk pijnlijk"

The start of the season was not what Fernando Alonso had hoped. The Spanish Alpine driver relies on bad luck and this holds him back to get good points, while the Alps seem to be able to keep up with the speed well. The two-time world champion described his start to the season as “painful”.

The veteran Spaniard has yet to be so lucky this season. Alonso and his Alps face bad luck. He was not able to score a single point in Australia due to retirement, while he himself has indicated that he is fast enough to fight for first place. The weather was not good in Imola either. The Oviedo man got in touch with Haas driver Mick Schumacher early on, damaging his alpine side to the point that his race ended after a few laps.


It was another bitter pill for Alonso and his team and an affair at the wrong time and wrong place. Ensures that Alonso gets no more than two meager points in the championship compared to twenty points for his teammate Esteban Ocon. “I prefer to finish the season better than how I started on the contrary. But on the other hand, it hurts when you see the races on TV and you end up with only two points where there could have been 25 or 30,” he said. employment.

little kiss

Despite the poor start, Alonso knows better than anyone with his experience that there is still plenty of opportunity ahead. “I know I only had one point after Imola last year. In the end we finished well and competitive. Let’s see if we can do it again this year. Everyone will agree we were very unhappy. This race is touching everyone together in The start and nothing happens, like those cars are indestructible. Our car gets a little kiss from Mick and is completely destroyed. We have to deal with a lot of consequences, without our faults. It hurts so much.”

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