All Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 12.5 will be able to analyze problems with third-party apps

MIUI 12.5 developers try to teach the program how to identify vulnerabilities in third-party applications and store error data in one store. The corresponding choice test is conducted by volunteers as part of the beta test of the Chinese version of the cover.

The essence of the new option is to store all errors, errors, and problems identified in third-party applications in a heap. We are talking about a kind of internal section by which you can independently assess the shortcomings of the authors of the programs downloaded to the smartphone. In previous releases of MIUI, bug reports were sent to the authors of the problematic apps through comment channels.

You can join the list of detected errors in the option called “Analyze third-party application problems” (see screenshot attached below). Literally translated, the job name means “third-party application problem analysis”. Several types of bug reactions are available for users.

Xiaomi taught MIUI 12.5 to analyze problems with third-party apps

There is no information about the possibility of entering the option in the global version of the shell yet. This useful feature could only be available for Chinese MIUI 12.5 users.

You can learn about MIUI 12.5 capabilities and firmware testing dynamics here.

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