Albert Feldkamp, ​​founder of the Sheldodden choir, has died

Albert Feldkamp, ​​founder of the Sheldodden choir, has died

Former Scheldeloodsen Choir André Bakker was a good friend of Feldkamp. “From 1980 onwards. He got me excited. We went to the Canary Islands and England. He gave me confidence.”

A lot of knowledge

Albert Feldkamp had many contacts around the world. “In the world of the seas, but also in the world of music.” Scheldeloodsen choir came to many beautiful places. Packer: “For example, we encountered a chorus in the United States. We exchanged that.” The choir also decreased: “We were in Australia to celebrate its 400th anniversary. Albert had acquaintances everywhere who would have taken care of it. This eased anxiety, because everything was in order.

Memory book

The Scheldeloodsen Choir’s 50th Anniversary Book will be published at the end of April. Feldkamp was able to show a copy shortly before his death. André Packer: “It has to be modified somewhat, because of his death, but the doll got his approval.”

The Scheldeloodsen Choir was founded in 1971. Albert Feldkamp was inspired by the pilots’ choir in Germany. He lived above the pilot community and knew many pilots. In 1996 Feldkamp was appointed Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau.

Notable among the events was Tasmania’s call to unveil a bronze plaque at the Abel Tasman memorial, in memory of a visit by the Sheldaudsen Choir (1998). This revelation came a year after that visit, in 1999.

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