Refrigeration units provide sustainable cooling to grocery kiosks

Refrigeration units provide sustainable cooling to grocery kiosks

Our contactless robotic shopping stalls are sustainably cooled by NaturaLINE refrigeration units from Carrier Transicold, a container cooling system that uses natural refrigerant CO2 (R-744).

It is used in sea freight to transport perishable food and frozen foods. NaturaLINE units are now also spread out on the ground. The units store fresh produce that is delivered directly from the retailer to the consumer via a kiosk developed by the Estonian company Cleveron.

Cleveron has designed an automated “click and collect” solution suitable for a variety of applications, including grocery kiosk applications While consumer health and safety is the number one priority, the Cleveron 501 kiosk provides an easy-to-use, non-contact alternative for in-store shopping or home delivery, Which is also accessible 24/7.

The Cleveron 501 is an automated grocery shopping kiosk.

“The 20 and 40ft shipping containers are equipped with the NaturaLine refrigeration unit,” said Mihkel IIp, Cleveron Operations Manager. IIp explains: “We realized that by combining our robots with a refrigerated container, we could develop a solution that is easy to transport and install, that is cool and anti-element as well.” “We chose Carrier as a partner due to its extensive refrigeration experience and because Carrier offers the NaturaLINE system with R-744 as the coolant.”

The natural coolant in NaturaLINE has an extremely low GWP value of 1. This is one of the lowest values ​​currently used in container systems, and some have a GWP hundreds or even thousands of times. IIp explains that NaturaLINE’s sustainability aspect appeals to its customers, including some of the largest supermarket chains in the country, who strive to make their operations CO2 neutral.

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NaturaLINE units are known for precise temperature control, which is important since the booths are installed in different locations. For example, it can be placed in parking lots near supermarkets, near offices, in crowded city centers, or in other places where there is little retail space or where it is more expensive.

To be able to use the kiosk, customers must place their orders online. The retailer packs frozen and fresh products into bags that are placed in a special fridge compartment in the Cleveron 501 kiosk. When the customer arrives at the kiosk, the smartphone code must be scanned and the order issued.

NaturaLINE’s Carrier Transicold booths are used in retail sales across Europe and are as environmentally friendly as Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Europe’s R-744 refrigeration systems used in retail stores. The systems are also used in the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

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