Airbus beats Boeing in Qantas battle

Airbus beats Boeing in Qantas battle

European aircraft maker Airbus has dealt a blow to its American competitor, Boeing. The company was awarded a contract to replace the entire domestic fleet of Australian airline Qantas.

The deal relates to 134 A321 and A220 aircraft. Forty of them have already been finalized, while the option to purchase on other devices has been made. It will be delivered between 2024 and 2034.

Financial details were not disclosed. According to Qantas, it is the largest aircraft order in Australia’s history.

Qantas still flies domestic flights with Boeing. It must be replaced due to age. Boeing also competed with the order for the 737 MAX, but turned it down. One of the advantages of the Airbus A321 is its ability to carry more passengers and fly farther.

fierce battle

Boeing and Airbus are fighting a fierce battle with their large aircraft. The Boeing 737 Max was previously grounded for about two years after a number of accidents, but Americans are now ahead in the number of orders.

According to several international news agencies, Airbus will soon experience a second success. KLM was also preferring Airbus over Boeing in an upcoming big order.

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