Agreement to resume cargo traffic in the United Kingdom and France

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The United Kingdom and France have agreed to resume cargo traffic between the two countries tomorrow. The BBC said details would be announced later. The broadcaster relies on French Minister for European Affairs Clement Boone.

“What seems clear is the condition that drivers must be tested before crossing,” France correspondent Dan Cole told the newspaper. Radio NOS 1 News. “But it is hoped that the rest of the appointments will be announced later today.”

Traffic between the two countries has completely stopped since yesterday because a new species, possibly more contagious than Corona virus, was found in Great Britain.

Cole says it is not yet clear whether the agreements between France and Great Britain also have consequences for Dutch truck drivers.

Of all the countries, France took the most severe measures against the spread of the new boom. The Canal Tunnel is largely closed and all British ferries are not welcome in France.

The Netherlands has also taken measures that have created problems for Dutch travelers.

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