After Orange, Anita is now playing in Curaçao: “Hiddink was the first to congratulate me.”

After Orange, Anita is now playing in Curaçao: "Hiddink was the first to congratulate me."

The Curaçao Federation has been working on that in recent months. Jus Hiddink, the island’s national coach since November, has kept Anita in the know. “He is the first person to congratulate me,” smiles Anita. “What did you say to him next? Thank you, I am ready.”

Hiddink likes to call his players himself, he lets you find out via Skype Call from Willemstad. “Fortunately it was a good news letter.” The 74-year-old coach is clearly excited about his latest addition. “He went through it all. He was wandering around, and he witnessed the density of England. All the luggage we could put to good use.”

Football passport

Hiddink, after a week in Curaçao, applauds players now for an opportunity to change football passports at a later age. “I think that’s a good thing. A career could go wrong for a while, or there will be a new policy and then you can be disqualified as a player. This is a shame when you are so young. Now the boys still have the opportunity to build an international career.”

Not only does Curaçao benefit from deficient FIFA rules, Suriname has also been able (in part) as a result – literally – to summon a team of new players. National coach Dean Goree has strengthened his squad in recent months with players such as Ramon Lewin (Arizona), Ryan Kollojek (Almere City) and Damil Dunkerloi (FC Groningen).

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