“After a strong start, we froze like a smartphone…”

"After a strong start, we froze like a smartphone..."

Football District II. They played five matches on Sunday in the seventh round of the Central Group League.

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Cotton – Tiszakeszi 5-2 (2-1)

Cotton wool, 50 spectators. A: Two guards.

Cotton wool: Ardai – Kálmán (Teleki), Leskó, Kerekes, Kövesdi (Barta), Sepsi (K. Tóth), Kolompár (Balogh), Jóner (Szabó V.), Egyed, Lovász, Bubenkó (Csapó). President: Janos K. Tooth.

Tiszakeszi: Répási – RR (Tóth), Németh (Dudás), Lévai, Burai (Müller), Szeberin, Borza, Farkas, Gáspár T. (Tóth A.), Sepsi, Bacsik. Coach: Istvan Copexo.

G: Kálmán (3), Barta, Balogh, resp. Cyprien (2).
goods: The whole team, respectively. Nobody.
If I: No.

Janus K Toth: “I hope this victory will put us on the right path.” We hope our badly injured goalkeeper, Robert Farago, recovers as soon as possible. We are waiting for Robbie’s return! Good arbitration.

Istvan Copxo: Unfortunately, we are weak-willed and in a difficult situation. Let’s do it while we can. Congratulations to the home team.

Nyékládháza – Bükkábrány 3-2 (2-0)

Nyékládháza, 250 spectators. A: Belexa.

Nyékládháza: Jellyfish – Dervarics (Vangor), Bodnár, Koren (Bereczki), Hajdú, Sajtós, Papp (Erős), Leczó (Szűcs), Nagy B., Zsadányi (Gál), Burai. Coach: David Maher.

beech picture: M. Lakatos – Mészáros, Bodzán, P. Nagy, Vígh, Levente Nagy, Holicskó, P. Tóth, Kaló (László Nagy), Pásztor, Kükedi (R. Lakatos) Coach: Péter Nagy.

g: Section (2), Beretsky, respectively. sponsor (2).
issued: Lakatos m. (69.)
goods: The whole team, respectively. Tóth P., Pásztor, Vígh.
If I: 0-3.

Mehr David: – We made a 3-1 mistake, so we made the match difficult for ourselves. We deservedly won. Congratulations to the team for being able to fight so much for each other. I would like to thank our fans who turned out with this beautiful number. Come on, Nick!

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Peter the Great: – Based on the situations, we did not deserve the defeat, but I must congratulate the opponent for the poor performance in the first half.

In Kesznyét – Mályi 5-3 (1-2)

Light 60 spectators. A: Cogbus.

On the road: Pásztor – Szabó I. (Farkas Sz.), Kiss I. (Vadászi), Irhás E., Nótár (Durgheu), Irhás I., Lakatos E., Kiss F., Schöller (Irhás J.), Farkas Gy. (Ferris), Irhás Sz. (Door). Team Leader: Ignac Erhas.

Financial: Kiss G. – Kurucz, Almási, Horváth D., Stoff, Stumpf P., Kun-Szabó, Takács, Stumpf E., Sedlák, Csík (Dancs). Coach: Ferenc Ribasi.

G: Kiss I. (2), Irhás Sz., Nótár, Irhás E., resp. Horvat d. (2), Cysek.
goods: Nótár R., Farkas Gy., Kiss I., resp. Coroc.
If I: No.

Ignac Erhas: – We fell asleep at first and the opponent took advantage of his situation. Then we found ourselves and deservedly won the match. Chapa Erhas’ family expresses its condolences to the Kissnet football team over the well-known tragic incident.

Ferenc Ribasi: – After a strong start, we froze like a smartphone …

Tessaluk – Sajószöged 2-6 (0-2)

Tiszalúc, 50 spectators. A: The Philippines.

Tiszalúc: Dr.. Vonage – Fickett, Hanko (M. Horvat), Petroska, Lakatos (Sramco), Christian Glonzi, Danny (J. Horvat), A. Radix, Christopher Glonzi, Tal, S. Radix Chief: Laszlo Vonaghi.

your angle: Oláh – Migyu, D. Tóth (Hungarian), Farkas, Kovács P., Sebők, Kovács B., Nagy L. (Kondor), Kádas, Lados (Gyuricskó), Antal. Coach: Gabor Korocz.

G: Krisztián Glonczi (2), resp. Kovács B. (2), Kovács P., Kádas, Antal, Sepik.
goods: Roots A., Glonczoi Krsztbné, resp. Kovac b. , Copfax b. , Antal, Cadas.
If I: 1-3.

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Laszlo Fonagy: – If we can start with the same players on the weekend, we may be able to win two games in a row.

Gabor Korocz: – We deservedly won in a very poor quality course. Fortunately, we are in good shape. I hope it stays that way. Good arbitration!

Mijiazzo – Harsany 0-4 (0-1)

Megaaszó, 60 spectators. Fifth: Farkas Z.

Mijiasu: Vígh-Erdei, Radics A., Irhás M., Balogh Zs., Radics P., Hajdú (Szabó J.), Bodnár, Balogh J., Radics R., Lakatos. Coach: Dezs Szilasi.

luster: Bene – Lubinszki, Ungvári (Dolyák), Szolnoki (N. Nagy), Tyukodi (Farkas), Szabó Zs. (Csizmadia), Rafael (Gável), Pusztai, Balogh, Dolyák (Resetár), Nagys Gável: Andrák.

G: Teocudi (3), Dolyak.
goods: Nobody, respectively. Tyukodi, Rafael, and Szabó Zs. and Nagy G.
If I: No.

Dezs Szilasi: – Barren field domination, with poor play, there were 11 of us, but the soul only five. I’m ashamed of myself rather than the team…

Andras Gavel: Congratulations to the team on winning!

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