AFP Retreat: If you do not have a mobile phone number in your name, you can register | AFP | Retreat 4 ITU | Withdrawal of AFP | COVID-19 | Peru nnda-nnlt | the answers

AFP Retreat: If you do not have a mobile phone number in your name, you can register |  AFP |  Retreat 4 ITU |  Withdrawal of AFP |  COVID-19 |  Peru nnda-nnlt |  the answers

Amid complaints that dozens of users who used social networks to report their problems registered their request for voluntary withdrawals of up to four UITs from Pension fund, many affiliates confirm that the problem is related to updating the mobile number they registered.

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And since there are affiliates who claim to have registered a mobile phone number that is not in their name, because they do not have their own line, many wonder if it is possible to continue the registration if they do not have a phone line?

As described in AFP Integra, it is possible to continue to register the application even when an alert appears telling you that the cell phone number you entered is not in your name.

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“If you want to change your cell phone number, you can press the “Update” button, otherwise press the “Continue” button to proceed with the registration of your application using the same number., they confirm.

As stated in Integra and Habitat, A mobile phone number is requested around the end of registration and must be completed with an email address So that the AFP can communicate with the affiliate about the status of their withdrawal request.

Until when can I submit my application?

Because they are still on the first registration scheduleThis week, affiliates that peak DNI on 4 and 5 will have to sign up. Next week, they’ll continue with numbers 6, 7, and 8, until ending with number 9 on June 23.

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What will happen next? As shown Aldo Ferini, Managing Director of AFP Integra, the managers of the Pension Fund themselves will analyze whether the registration will be carried out according to a new schedule or whether it will be carried out vaguely until the deadline established by law is met.

Specifically, no no Law No. 31192 what or what It is allowed to withdraw up to 17,600 Sudanese pounds, which went into effect on May 7, states that the period of access to this feature is extended within 90 calendar days after its regulations take effect. With this, affiliates will be able to submit a withdrawal request until August 24.

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Registration steps

If you are an affiliate of Special Pension Scheme (SPP) And you decide to access the withdrawal of the 4 UIT units, you should know that you can only submit one withdrawal request and it must be entered through the portal

To start the withdrawal process, You must complete the virtual format (Request), at first, ask for your ID document number, verification number in the case of a DNI, and your date of birth.

add on, You must have a bank account number. In this case, as stated in the AFP Habitat, it must be in the national currency, the applicant must be the owner and cannot be jointly owned.

In the event that you do not have a bank account, when you register your application, you will be given the option to open an account and it can only be opened in these financial entities: BBVA, BCP, Interbank, Scotiabank, Banbif, Banco de Comercio, Banco Ripley, Caja Huancayo, Caja Solana and Banco GNB .

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Because The same procedure should be carried out by affiliates that live abroadIn addition to the identity document, you must have the foreign bank codes and a document from the bank where your name and bank account number can be verified.

Been completed Application registrationwhat or what او This can be done from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PMExcept on holidays, you will receive a message in your email confirming receipt.

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