Afghanistan gathers diplomats from Pakistan after kidnapping and torturing the ambassador’s daughter

Afghanistan gathers diplomats from Pakistan after kidnapping and torturing the ambassador's daughter

Afghanistan began attracting diplomats from Pakistan after the alleged kidnapping of the ambassador’s daughter in the country’s capital.

Silsila Ali Al-Khail, the daughter of Ambassador Najib Ali Al-Khail, was kidnapped Friday in Islamabad and held for several hours, where she was subjected to “severe torture”. This action resulted in “psychological injury” to Afghanistan, forcing it to recall its top diplomats, including the ambassador himself.

“Following the kidnapping of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador in Pakistan, the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan summoned the ambassador of Afghanistan and senior diplomats from Pakistan until all security threats are addressed, including the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators,” the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

The statement added that an Afghan delegation would visit Pakistan to review and follow up on the case “and everything related to it.”

The Afghan Foreign Ministry also summoned the Pakistani ambassador to file a complaint about the incident. It’s called BBC.

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The Pakistani Foreign Ministry appeared to confirm the incident in a statement on Saturday, saying that Ali Sheikh’s necklace was “attacked while driving a rented car”. The ministry appeared to have retracted the admission and instead expressed skepticism about the allegations on Sunday evening.

A medical report, circulated on social media and confirmed by the hospital where the Alikhel series was treated, stated that she had a swelling in the occipital region of the brain and umbilical cord imprints on her wrists and ankles, according to Reuters.

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The report also stated that she was held for five hours.

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Pakistan has launched an investigation into the incident, but Afghanistan questions the credibility of the investigation after Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said there was no evidence of the kidnapping so far, describing it as an “international conspiracy”.

The incident also caused strained relations between the two countries, the United States continues to withdraw, the forces from Afghanistan and the Taliban are being replenished in the country.


Afghanistan accused Pakistan of providing support to Taliban fighters as they continue their campaign against the country.

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