Advertising and hockey before the Orange Lionesses

Advertising and hockey before the Orange Lionesses

The Orange Lionesses destroyed China at the Olympic Games in Tokyo with a score of 8-2. Just no one saw it. the we Dutch men’s hockey was chosen for “journalistic considerations”.

Choice comes we He faces a lot of criticism on social media. Hockey and advertising also dominated this afternoon when it came to the Olympics. Flashes of women’s football can be seen before the end of the first half. After the “tea” there are no longer images of Holland and China.

The orange lionesses form a goal machine

The Dutch women’s team has now evolved into a real goal-scoring machine at the Tokyo Olympics. In the opening match, Zambia was defeated 10-3. This victory stunned viewers. Was that the Olympic level for the Africans? And why did the orange lionesses net at least three goals? In the second match, the Netherlands met a world opponent in Brazil, 3-3. This afternoon, the Orange team qualified for the quarter-finals via China. Again with a score of 8-2. Van der Sanden scored, Berenstein (2), Martins (2), Midema (2) and Belova. Vivian Miedema has already scored eight goals (!) in three matches.

NOS chose hockey in the Olympics

But yes, no football fan has the Netherlands-China match in we I can see. The men’s hockey team meanwhile played their third game of the group against Canada and won 4-2. Admittedly, when it came to qualifying for the next round, hockey was more important than football. Men’s hockey has played moderate to very moderately so far. The placement will still be successful, but beating a strong opponent is a different story. The orange finale isn’t nearly a thing anymore.

But still … Football, as well as women’s football, is more popular in the Netherlands than hockey. Those who had the opportunity to watch TV in the afternoon would have loved the tube set on orange lionesses. And she couldn’t. It was – as footballers sometimes call the sport – “hockey with a stick” that hit the television watch. the we International women hockey players have also left several times. For those few flashes of orange women and for advertising. That wasn’t enough for football fans at the Tokyo Olympics.

Reply from NOS

It appears that NOS has also seen the angry reactions from viewers. An explanation came shortly after the match. “It’s a journalistic consideration,” explains a company spokesperson. “The placement of men’s hockey in the next round is not certain yet. The Orange Lionesses were almost certain to make it to the next round. For this reason, men’s hockey is the most interesting press. We only have one Olympic channel at our disposal, so sometimes we have to take action. options”.

Overview of the reactions on Twitter.

Summary of orange lionesses

After the hockey victory came back Studio SportTom Eggers provides an extensive summary of orange lionesses. The summary came. not wide. The eight goals of our best soccer players flew across the screen in no more than two minutes.

Because of the overall group win, Team Orange will play in the quarter-finals in Yokohama against world champions United States on Friday. The American team surprisingly came second behind Sweden in Group G. America met the Orange Lionesses in the 2019 World Cup Final. Holland lost 0-2.

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