The attempt to take over Helmond’s textile company degenerates into a mud battle

The attempt to take over Helmond's textile company degenerates into a mud battle

Actis fears other potential buyers will pull out if they wait for the Made in Africa slowdown. Because Parcom, owner of the retail chain Hema, is also interested in Vlisco. Because the British no longer trust Made in Africa to come up with lenders, Actis snubs the deal.

Trade unions and the Labor Council

In a few months there will be an interim agreement with Barcom. The Vlisco Board seems pleased, and finally there is good news to inform the staff.

“The acquisition is largely funded by Parcom from its own resources, not through loans. This already indicates that the investor is confident in the future of this company,” Vlisco CEO David Sudens told Eindhovens Dagblad in June. provisional agreement.

“We are also pleased that investments can be made in Vlisco again,” he says. CNV Director Nicole Engman. But she still doesn’t look back with a good sense of the first reports on Barcom. “It looked like a fait accompli. It had already been discussed with the media before the Vlisco Business Council could say anything about the show. It would have been nicer for the staff to wait.”

also The Vlisco Business Council is not looking back with great satisfaction from the way Parcom has been presented. “The intentional takeover decision seemed to be a final one. We really had to claim our consultative rights,” says former Works Council Chairman Noor Salam Azarvan.

Like the rest of the Labor Council members, Azarvan resigned early this week due to a The alleged culture of fear in the textile factory. Velisco’s management describes the accusation of fear culture as “surprising and unlikely”.

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Just before the Works Council resigned, Works Council members gave positive advice about Barcom’s bid. They hope Parcom will bring peace to the company.

‘misleading comparison of amounts’

Made in Africa, it feels understated. The Africans say Hema’s owner, Barcom, will pay much less for Flesco. Made in Africa has no conclusive evidence for this.

Actis and Vlisco don’t want to say much about it. Only: “It is misleading to compare the two amounts if the first offer, however attractive, does not materialize.”

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