| According to the groups, the institution rejected the perpetrators. charter

|  According to the groups, the institution rejected the perpetrators.  charter

Thiruvananthapuram: DCC VM, which was openly fighting against the new leadership without provoking the groups as was the case with the appointment of the president. Sudheeran and Mullappally Ramachandran completely rejected and the new list of KPCC officials. Besides the official leadership interest, the proposal for groups was also considered in the list. The representation of women has decreased dramatically. Previously AV collapsed. Gopinath and K. Sivadasan Nair also did not get a place.
Capital The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation was keen not to repeat the explosion that followed the appointment of the president. appointed by the incumbents. Although the interests of groups A and I are not fully understood, an approach that satisfies them has been adopted. The official explanation is that many of the names put forward by the group’s leaders were omitted because they were against the standards. But with the timing of organizational elections set, group leaders are unlikely to resort to public criticism. It’s emphasized that it’s important to newcomers, but stable faces are the priority. Earlier, KPCC former secretaries are still on the list. There is talk in the party that many of those who ran and lost in the recent House elections have lost their responsibilities will lead to controversy. The problem is that those who work faithfully to the party have been expelled and others have been given seats and responsibilities on the council. Complaints may be raised that the elderly are more important than the young and that women are underrepresented. Even Padmaja Venugopal, who was considered for the position of Vice President, did not get a place. It is worth noting that only three women have been appointed to the position of Secretary-General.
AV who announced he was leaving the party but didn’t. Gopinath, K.; Sivadasan Nair has been disqualified. The fact that Oommen is loyal to Chandi did not help Sivadasan Nair. The new leadership could argue that the goal was to avoid the jumbo menu. The target of the 51-member Executive Committee has not yet grown to 55. Deputies, MLAs, KPCC former chairs, PAC members, AICC working committee members from Kerala secretariats and outgoing DCC chairpersons are now permanently invited to the Executive Committee. In short, the size of the Executive Committee will not decrease.

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Shaktan, Balram, Paul and Sajendran are the Vice Presidents

New Delhi: KPC has four vice presidents, 23 general secretaries, and 28 members of the executive committee. Approval of the Congressional Senior Leadership on the list of office holders. Former Legislative Council Speaker Shektan, V. Balram, F.; Paul, Vice President. Sajendran is the vice president. case. Pratappa Chandran is the cashier. There are three women out of the 28 general secretary. Deepti Marie Varghese, KA Tulsi and Alipita Jamila topped the list.
a. Thanks and Dr. Pratapharma Thamban, S. Ashokan, Mariapuram Srikumar, K. Ibrahim Advocate. Sonny Sebastian, K. Jayanath, b. Nias, Ariadne Shawkat, c. Chandran, T. E. Radhakrishnan, Abdulmutallab, Josie Sebastian, B. Selim, Bazkulam; Madhu, MJ. Job, K.; Srikumar, M.; Nazir, J. S. Babu, c. Sobodan are the other general secretaries.
Padmaja Venugopal, Dr. PR Sona is the Women’s Leadership Executive Committee. The list of women was announced and the participation of Dalits at 10%. KPCC President K. Sudhakaran Opposition Leader – VD Satheesan, CEOs, VS Sivakumar, T. Sarathchandra Prasad, KP Dhanapalan, M. Murali, Varkala Kahar, Karakulam Krishna Pillai, Dr. Sugathan, K.; Paul, Anil Akara,
Biography Balachandran, Tommy Kalani, PJ Joy, Kochi M. Kochi, Shanavas Khan, K. Haridas, Jyothikumar Chamakala, Johnson Abraham, Jason Joseph, George Maman Kondoor, Manakkad Suresh and Muhammadukutty Master are the other members of the Executive Committee.
The foundation said that the list was announced taking into account the equations of society. President K. Sudhakaran said. Groups were also considered. He said that if the party was large, no one would oppose the decision.

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