A young man was stabbed to death in Tangal via a WhatsApp chat with his girlfriend

A young man was stabbed to death in Tangal via a WhatsApp chat with his girlfriend

Thiruvananthapuram: Discord among friends over WhatsApp chat was behind the incident in which a young man was stabbed to death in Attingal. The deceased was identified as Vishnu, a native of Chembakamangalam. His friend Vimal, who stabbed Vishnu, was also injured. Police recorded a case and opened an investigation into the accident.

The accident happened last night. What do the police say about the accident? Vimal and Vishnu were friends. They argued over Vishnu’s WhatsApp chat with Vimal’s girlfriend.

When Vimal reached Vishnu’s house, he attacked him with a knife in his hand. Vishnu is hospitalized but cannot be saved. Fimal was also injured in the clash. Police say the cause of death was a neck injury.

Police have registered a case against Vimal for murder. Vimal is currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Vengaramudo due to his injury. Mangalore said further details would not be known until after a detailed statement.

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Last Update 20, December 2020, 12:01 am

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