A warning about exposure to COVID-19 was issued at Surrey High School before starting a student

Fraser Health has issued a “potential early exposure to COVID-19” warning regarding Surrey’s Panorama Ridge High School.

Fraser Health has issued a “potential early exposure to COVID-19” warning regarding Surrey’s Panorama Ridge High School.

The notice includes someone with a “confirmed case” of COVID-19 who was on the school campus on Tuesday, September 8, the first day of the new school year.

However, only teachers and staff were present on campus on the day of potential exposure, as students did not attend classes until September 10, two days later.

Fraser Health said it would not provide any other details about the COVID-19 case for “privacy reasons” other than telling this individual’s potential contacts.

According to a message sent by Fraser Health, public health personnel have begun tracking contacts and communicating with anyone who might be in danger. Only those who receive the speech are considered at risk. These individuals are required to isolate them for 14 days and self-monitor for symptoms.

As of Friday, 3,198 people in British Columbia were under active public health surveillance as a result of specific exposure to known cases. The province reported 132 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, bringing the total number of cases in British Columbia so far to 6962. No new deaths have been reported, which brings the total of county lives lost to COVID-19 at 213.

While parents, teachers, school staff and students across the province have voiced concerns about returning to classroom teaching this fall, British Columbia Medical Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry stressed that the back-to-school plan focuses on safety.

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However, Henry said cases at the school were “likely.”

“Local health officials will work with each school, so that every school community is aware that there may be a case in their school,” said Dr. Henry. “It may not require anyone else to stay home. If there is a potential exposure, it may be necessary to isolate some of the learning group for a period of time, depending on the type of exposure that occurred, and the number of people who have been in close contact.”

Henry also said that the public will be informed if there is any outbreak of COVID-19 in schools.

With files from Elana Shepert, Nicholas Johansen, and Jane Seyd

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