A Swiss banker who announced his visit to strip clubs is imprisoned

A Swiss banker who announced his visit to strip clubs is imprisoned

As a result, some of the deals he made are illegal. They also made Raiffeisen millions.

Vincennes, 65, has maintained his innocence from the start. He demanded nearly 200,000 Swiss francs (nearly 200,000 euros) for his visit to strip clubs, but he says those visits were related to his work. The 700 francs he demanded for dinner with a Tinder date was said to be justified as he was considering giving her a job.

Not in the interest of the company

The court, which had to move the hearings in the case to a theater in Zurich due to the overwhelming interest, is making mincemeat from his statement. The expenses will be “disproportionate” and “not in the interest of the company.”

“From his point of view of advertising, practically all expenses fall under expenses, so long as there is little association with business activities,” the judge ruled. “Obviously this goes too far.”

Sky bills are high

The judge also has nothing good to say about Vincennes’ method of “relationship management”, which is performed “in nightclubs, strip clubs, and bars”. The bills for these excesses were very high: if he had managed to limit spending to 1,000 Swiss francs at a time, according to the judge, he would have conscientiously used the bank’s money.

Vincennes has to repay more than 260,000 Swiss francs to the bank for the overstatement. In addition, he has to pay 1.3 million in compensation for a business deal that went wrong. He was also fined 840,000 Swiss francs. His lawyer announced that the banker would appeal.

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